So, here we are at the start of the journey. Going out on your own is never easy. It’s like going on holiday for the first time without your parents. God knows you want to get away but you’re also a little bit worried about what happens if you need to go to a foreign doctor or deal with insubordinate hotel staff (usually by not making a fuss, as is the British way).

We just felt it was time to escape from the mundane safety of content agencies. Knowing what they charged and what we earned, things just didn’t seem to add up. It just didn’t seem like any of the right people (either us or the clients) were getting a good deal on theĀ blog content.

Being the egalitarian types we are – believing in getting what you pay for and no less – we’re offering our services at a fair and honest rate for everyone. We’re still doing all the work (just like we were before) but now clients won’t be paying a premium for a swanky office or the CEO’s new car. We both ride bikes so we suppose that’s how we’re able to do it at such good rates.

Wheel assemble your blog content

Wheel assemble your blog content

So, as we’re busy putting the finishing touches to our new site, we’ll leave it there for now. But there’ll be some more of this coming your way soon.

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