Web Content from Tailor-Made ContentRight, lets get down to business. What you really want to know is how much is this going to cost? We know this is the biggest issue for most people so we keep our pricing clear and simple.



400-500 word blogs: £25 each

Social Media

Prices depend on the volume of posts you’re looking for, but start from around £20 a week for 3 Facebook and 5 Twitter posts.

If you want social media and a great blog, we offer packages starting from £150 a month for both.

Web content

Prices for writing your whole site from scratch start at £249 but get in touch and we’ll give you a quote

Rewrites for sites start from £159, smaller jobs priced by the word

Daily rates and SEO services

You can hire our exclusive services by the day for £159, and we work fast so you’ll be getting good value for money.

For SEO advice and services (including keyword research reports etc.) contact us for a quote

If you’re interested in our services but don’t want to part with any of your hard earned cash just yet, get in touch for a FREE 400 word sample blog.