Blogs from Tailor-Made ContentAh the blog, such a handy little tool for promoting business and keeping the content fresh. Yet there’s just never enough time in the day to update it, is there? Which is where we come in. We’ll write individually crafted blogs in any style you like, complete with keywords to bring in the longtail traffic. We aim to get to know your  company quickly and help you to shout about yourselves online.

Keeping your blog regularly updated is a great way of letting your customers and clients know what’s going on in the business. It’s also perfect for promoting yourself and helps to keep the content on your site fresh and well-maintained. You can also use your blog to push yourselves on other social medial platforms.

There are also benefits in terms of search engine optimisation, as new blogs prove your site is being maintained and updated. With the added bonus of a few internal links increasing your site’s visibility online, a blog is an essential tool for any website.

We can write well-researched, detailed, inspiring and enlightening blogs for you, according to agreed themes for just £25 a pop. You really won’t find better quality or value elsewhere.

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